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Killing Effect of Ozone on House Dust Mites, the Major Indoor Allergen of Allergic Disease (research study)

Authors: Jae-Hyuk Hana; Byung Soo Ohb; Sung-Yon Choia; Byoung-Chul Kwona; Myung Hyun Sohna; Kyu-Earn Kima; Joon-Wun Kangb

Affiliations: a Department of Pediatrics, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Youngdong Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Department of Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University at Wonju, Wonju, Korea

This study examined whether ozone could kill house dust mites (HDMs), one of the most common causes of allergic diseases, and if an ozone application might be helpful in the environmental control of allergic patients. The experiments were performed in a small chamber (50 cm3), in which the continuous contact between the gaseous ozone and 40-60 live HDMs could be maintained during the reaction time (temperature=25C and relative humidity=75%). Within the ozone range of 0.19-10.62%(v/v), the higher concentration dose resulted in a more rapid inactivation of the live HDMs. The CT value of ozone showed a linear relationship with the inactivation efficiency (%) of the live HDMs. From our results, it was found that a CT value 400 mg-min/L was required to obtain an almost 100% removal efficiency of the 40-60 live HDMs.

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