EnviroFry Ozone Generators
Kill Toxic Mold & Household & Pet Odors, plus Decontaminate Buildings from Viruses, Germs, Odors &
Other Biological Health Threats


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 Please Read: Does Ozone Kill Mold?





Proof of the Killing Power of High Output Gas Treatment

An EnviroFry ozone generator customer (who is also trained and certified as a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator by the Environmental Hygienist Association) did this experiment to determine the efficacy and killing effectiveness of high output ozone treatment. Two groups of flowers were placed in one of the rooms of a home that was ozone treated with an EnviroFry ozone generator. The picture on the left is of the flowers prior to high output ozone treatment. The picture on the right shows the dead flowers three days after ozone treatment. High output ozone kills mold growth, plants, and anything else left alive in the high output ozone treatment area.  During ozone treatment and for 2 hours afterwards, there can be NO live plants, pets, or people inside the ozone treatment area.

Picture of flowers before ozone treatment of room
Picture of flowers before ozone treatment of the room.

Picture of dead flowers 3 days after ozone treatment.
Flowers are dead three days after ozone treatment in the room.

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