EnviroFry Ozone Generators
Kill Toxic Mold & Household & Pet Odors, plus Decontaminate Buildings from Viruses, Germs, Odors &
Other Biological Health Threats


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Ozone Used as a Disinfectant in Hospitals
To Kill Germs and Mold

Healthcare facilities use various methods of cleaning, sterilization, disinfection and hand hygiene.... Methods outlined in the Centers for Disease Controlís Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities include the use of Ozone. Ozone gas has been concluded to be an effective disinfectant of almost all the known pathogens causing hospital (acquired) infections.

Ozone can be used as a powerful oxidant for sanitizing surfaces and floating air particles because it kills pathogens faster than many other oxidants and it decomposes back to oxygen, leaving nothing to clean up. The disinfection of Ozone is based on the high oxidative effect that is inherent to ozone on the cell components of target microorganisms. Disinfection effects on cells and fungi, and inactivation of viruses are based on the fact that various biological cells and particles in microorganisms are directly oxidatively decomposed by ozone and undergo serious cell deterioration and destruction. This renders the microorganisms impossible to breed and survive. When exposed to ozone, cell walls rupture and disintegrate (cell lysis). Ozone has been shown to be effective in the disinfection of bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, biofilms and viruses. (published at http://www.southwestsolutions.com/healthcare/portable-ozone-cleaners-control-nosocomial-hospital-acquired-infections-hai)

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