EnviroFry Ozone Generators
Kill Toxic Mold & Household & Pet Odors, plus Decontaminate Buildings from Viruses, Germs, Odors &
Other Biological Health Threats


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 Please Read: Does Ozone Kill Mold?






with Enzyme Spray

Two 24 oz. spray bottles of Beyond Green, Beyond Clean enzyme mold and bacteria neutralizer are included with your purchase of either our home or contractor models ozone generator.

Beyond Green, Beyond Clean enzyme spray

►was developed specifically as a chlorine-free alternative to improve the management of mold and bacteria problems in residential and commercial properties.

►is a specially formulated, state-of-the art combination of natural ingredients designed to provide a superior treatment alternative to synthetic chemicals.

►when used on a regular maintenance schedule, is highly-effective at preventing mold and bacteria contamination

►is ideal for use in vacation homes, RVís, boats (especially prior to shrink wrapping) and much more.

►as a spray applied cleaner, it reaches the countless microscopic spores cast throughout the property in moldís reproductive process.



         Restores indoor air quality.

         Creates a healthier living environment.

         Works catalytically so it keeps working far longer then chemicals to defeat new contamination.

         Environmentally responsible

         Innovative enzymatic formula

         Independently tested

         Laboratory and field proven

         100% biodegradable

         Natural ingredients made from plants

         Safe for use on most surfaces and materials


         Physical/Chemical Characteristics:

         Deionized water (CAS#7732 -18-5), aseptic natural plant enzymes and plant extracts (Trade Secret), and dimethyl ether (CAS#115-10-6) as a propellant.


         Hazardous Ingredients:  none

         Reactivity: Beyond Green, Beyond Clean is a stable liquid.  Strong oxidizing agents should be avoided.  It contains no oxidizing agents.  There are no known decomposition hazards.

         Health Hazard Data:

         EYE CONTACT: Flush with water for 15 minutes to remove product.

         SKIN CONTACT: In case of prolonged contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

         INGESTION: If ingested, emergency first aid: rinse mouth with water; if stomach discomfort occurs, seek medical advice.


During the spraying of the product, wear Chem-Free eye goggles (no holes and about $5 from a home improvement or hardware store) and a 3M breathing respirator with organic filters ($40) also from a home improvement or hardware store. 

Spray all walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and into the return air duct of the heating/cooling system while it is running on fan ventilation.


Beyond Green, Beyond Clean should be stored in a clean, dry place, between 40 degrees and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  Spills should be wiped up with cloth or paper towels and the area rinsed with water.

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